1-GPziiANWqIKytrgzkmAGMgIn 2008, we came to the simple realization that authors can better connect with one another and with their readers if they band together. So, we formed a group for Bay Area authors to gather, share ideas, and discuss trends in the new economy.

The group grew rapidly, and within a few years, nearly every best-selling business author in the Bay Area was involved. Out of these informal dinner gatherings grew a community, and out of the community emerged new collaborations and an ever-increasing desire to redefine the future of publishing.

Members of our group played an active role in helping Ed Catmull, the cofounder and president of Pixar Animation, to develop, edit, and disseminate his landmark and best-selling book Creativity, Inc. in 2014.

That same year, the Silicon Guild was established to help other authors and their audiences to connect in new and beneficial ways. In 2015 the Silicon Guild published its first book, Are You Fully Charged? by Tom Rath.

The Guild focuses on developing systems, tools, technologies, and live events to connect authors, leaders, and readers. Along with publishing, the Guild is a convener of thought leadership.

The Silicon Guild maintains one of the leading ecosystems of Silicon Valley thinkers and business leaders and acts a bridge for companies and governments seeking to understand the latest thinking and trends in the new economy.