Submit a Book Proposal

Please submit your proposals or proposal inquiries to using the outline below.

Proposal Outline:

Author’s bio and summary of relevant expertise

Working title and subtitle

Description including:

  • Category
  • The book’s key points
  • Benefits for the readers
  • Main content sources
  • What makes your book unique?
  • Conclusions

Sample chapter

Outline (proposed table of contents and brief chapter summaries)


  • List 3 competitive books
  • Describe how your book is different from other books in this category

Target audience

  • Who is this book for?
  • How does this book fill the needs of your intended audience?
  • Estimate the size of your target audience
  • Describe your ideas on how to best market and promote your book to the target audience

What is the estimated delivery of the completed manuscript and proposed publication date?

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