Aarti Shahani

Aarti Shahani is an award-winning journalist and author. She spent her 20s organizing prisoners. Then she pivoted to business journalism and enjoyed a meteoric rise at NPR, as Silicon Valley correspondent. Her first book, Here We Are: American Dreams, American Nightmares, chronicles her unlikely journey from undocumented kid in Queens, New York to national voice on the frontlines of the most powerful industry on earth. An Amazon bestseller, the memoir has garnered critical acclaim. “Riveting…a bruising critique of colonialism” (NPR); “heartfelt, galvanizing” (San Francisco Chronicle); “timely, bittersweet” (Publishers Weekly); “among the finest memoirs written in recent decades…a vivid, almost cinematic journey that is both beautiful and unforgettable” (Guy Raz, Host, How I Built This and TED Radio Hour).

Aarti lives in Oakland, California with her nephew. She loves storytelling and justice.

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